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Sarah Young Dvd :: SLY (Sarah L Young) :: Hamlet: For The Love Of Ophelia 1

  Hamlet: For The Love Of Ophelia 1
Hamlet: For The Love Of Ophelia 1

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Dvd Code (SKU): LD3672
Price: £20.00
Studio: SLY (Sarah Louise Young)
Director: Luca Damiano
Source: Europe
Language: English + Others
System: NTSC
Dina Pearl
Ildiko Smits
Katia Cargo
Kristina Soderszk
Laetitia Bisset
Lulu David
Sarah Young
Tina Latour
Victoria Queen


In a fabulous setting, Luca Damiano presents a stunning classic adult production from 1995 - a porno film of Hamlet with effective use of location and period costumes. Sarah Young, Christoph and an impressive cast of beautiful sexually talented women take an erotic journey back through time to Shakespeare's Denmark. Hamlet is obsessed with the beautiful Ophelia. She teases him with the sight of her glorious body but will not let him fuck her and his mother is too busy satisfying stiff cocks to sympathise. The prince and his man-servant have no such problems with the castle maids. Lovely tits are already bare when they lift their long skirts and petticoats to reveal their secret charms. They're only too willing to suck, fuck and delight the boys, in the castle or beside the river. In this parody, the question for Prince Hamlet is - to fuck or not to fuck! Cast: Sarah Young, Aliona, Dina Pearl, Ildiko Smits, Katia Cargo, Kristina Soderszk, Laetitia Bisset, Lulu David, Maeva, Tina Latour, Valentina, Victoria Queen, Others

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